Source code for jedi.api.exceptions

class _JediError(Exception):

[docs]class InternalError(_JediError): """ This error might happen a subprocess is crashing. The reason for this is usually broken C code in third party libraries. This is not a very common thing and it is safe to use Jedi again. However using the same calls might result in the same error again. """
class WrongVersion(_JediError): """ This error is reserved for the future, shouldn't really be happening at the moment. """
[docs]class RefactoringError(_JediError): """ Refactorings can fail for various reasons. So if you work with refactorings like :meth:`.Script.rename`, :meth:`.Script.inline`, :meth:`.Script.extract_variable` and :meth:`.Script.extract_function`, make sure to catch these. The descriptions in the errors are ususally valuable for end users. A typical ``RefactoringError`` would tell the user that inlining is not possible if no name is under the cursor. """